I had the honor of sitting in on a lesson taught by one of the wonderful students I’ve been teaching in Barquisimeto this week. It was inspiring to watch as his student looked on in admiration as his new teacher worked with him.

Two kids in Venezuela have their first lesson in a nucleo in Venezuela. This nucleo has an open door policy taking anyone off the streets who would like to come and learn an instrument. This nucleo was featured in an article recently in the New York times.

Sistema Fellow Aisha Bowden talks about some of her experiences in Venezuela. This is day 2 of the fellows 5-week journey into the country. El Sistema is a national music education program in Venezuela started by Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu. The aim is social change through music. The New England Conservatory has a fellowship program training leaders in this movement who hope to bring this model to the United States.

While in Los Angeles for the Take A Stand conference in January a group of warm, enthusiastic teachers from El Sistema Sweden shared this beautiful piece with the fellows and the entire conference. We now share this song with the world! Enjoy

The New York Times visited the Serria Nucleo and published a great article entitled Fighting Poverty, Armed with violins. The article exists within a collection of articles covering the monumental work of El Sistema in Venezuela. These series of videos hopes to put the mic into the hands of everyday people in the Sistema to provide a unique lens into this international movement. In this video a nucleo teacher talks passionately about her vision.